13 Reasons Logitech G402 Software will change the way you think about everything. It will enable you to watch what you’re doing from any angle while you are at home or on the go and it will control your home’s video services while you’re on the go, using the latest in screen technology from Logitech Media.

Logitech G502 Software and G502 Video-on-Demand add the “everything about me” factor to your online life, giving you the control that no PC could provide.

Logitech has revolutionized the video service market with Logitech G502 software and Logitech G502 video-on-demand, which takes video service even further by becoming a complete video service, delivering a variety of options, including a web-based experience that delivers the same features as the cable TV and satellite TV services, but on your network instead of being on a broadcast satellite service.

Whether you’re at home relaxing, using your phone at a coffee shop, or using the gym, you will never have to worry about how you’re watching your work, your games, or your friends at home. The Logitech G502 video-on-demand service gives you everything you really need, at a single cost per channel, allowing you to watch in HD, anytime, anywhere, without compromising your quality of service and keeping up with traffic conditions.

Logitech G502 Software and Video-on-Demand services are now available as add-ons for the Logitech® G502. With both available for PC/Mac, only the Logitech G502 software is available for the Microsoft® Windows®, OSX®, iOS and Android® operating systems.

Logitech G502 features a range of powerful and intuitive features that will revolutionize your viewing experience. With this powerful feature set that will help you control the way you interact with your media, and stream your video services from your PC over your home network via your web browser.

Watch how my kids use their new smart phone, then watch how I use it, too — it seems they are more fascinated by the concept than they are by the actual product that they’re using. I’m now trying to convince my wife how smart and versatile this is. Old blog: I’m a huge fan of the Logitech G502 software and video-on-demand service.

The new Logitech G502 software is an incredible feature-set that will give you everything you ever wanted. It’s a video server with all the great software features that will make for a very interactive and fun gaming experience. Watch as well as im talking.

New and improved, with a better look and much brighter colors.

After watching the video, our eyes are opened to a whole new world of entertainment.


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