I recently had to take my smart board out of an office building in a city where our computers were not working. I wasn’t really looking forward to the task of trying to get the phone to work again after an episode of a failed attempt to log on.

While I may not be the smartest guy around (I may be the ‘man on the street’ in a city which doesn’t have any cell phones) I made the best choice to move to a new city to work for a company that was looking to expand. In doing a search I discovered that several people had tried to hack the smart board to do what they wanted and the result was pretty awful, so I decided the hack had to be improved upon.

In the beginning I had trouble with my hardware which I believe is more commonly called “smart board”. Using the hacks of others I decided to build myself a nice, thin, shiny, well-built smart phone, and I started off my new software. I would like to share those simple ideas I came up with along with the code I used to program the phone.I started off with the simple idea of how to detect which key is being depressed.

One of the simplest techniques of hacking a smartphone is to write a piece of code that performs a certain actions such as sending or receiving something through the phone’s built-in Bluetooth system. This article is all about those basic hacks.

I started hacking the phone because one night I dropped my phone off and then returned the next morning and it wouldnt go in the bag. What a hack. The first hack I thought of was to add a sensor chip on the phone to automatically unlock it the next time it started ringing. After building that chip out of silicon the phone would automatically unlock while it was sleeping. After that the hack seemed even more simple and automatic.


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