Many gamers were surprised with the way AMD Crimson Edition was received, and even some journalists said that this GPU was actually better than the GTX 1080Ti, especially in light of the lack of power efficiency and heat management options. We’ve rounded up some of the most popular opinions for this edition of the latest Crimson release.

The latest stable build of the stable version of Radeon Software Crimson Edition is now available for download. This release comes a couple weeks after our stable build, featuring a graphical overhaul with improved performance and performance-boosting power saving features. New build: Weve got a great deal for the most recent stable build. In this build, were keeping the current Crimson graphics and other improvements. Weve also beefed up the overclocking capabilities to support the latest hardware.

These GPU are built a year after the first R9 270/280/290 and still, the power usage of these new GPUs is really hard to beat, as youll see in our benchmarks. These new GPUs give us the freedom to improve upon many of the aspects of the initial R9 series of GPUs and build upon our strengths with a few extra features and optimizations in the process. The power consumption, however, comes with a significant boost that was not available in our earlier GPUs.

While some may say that gamers want to play a game no matter what, that does not mean you should be playing a game that you’re never going to get to a point where you can afford to upgrade your graphics card to a brand new set of specs. Here are some features you could potentially be using when playing games.

There are times when youre running low on resources and need to conserve energy. Gaming can be a very resource-hogging activity, so it may be best for gamers to use the AMD free energy boosting features of this update as well.The latest stable version of AMD’s Radeon Software Crimson Edition is now available for download. The latest release came a month after our first stable build, featuring a major graphical overhaul and other performance-boosting features.


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