Recuva is a popular free and open-source tool for analyzing and visualizing financial transaction history information. Recuva is used by investors, bankers, software house, and many other people for managing their financial accounts. At a time when there is a lot of demand for digital currency, Recuva has been one of the first players to start taking bitcoin into their financial processing. What’s interesting about Recuva is that the service is available for both Android and IOS.

When we ask Recuva why they started processing bitcoin and not just cash and credit card payments, we get the following reply. With this in place, Recuva has built an application that allows them to process bitcoin transactions to any of their existing applications. The Recuva team built the backend to make it easy for the companies to use this easy to use service.

What does it take to build a business based on business ideas? This is the question we investigate in this blog post. In layman’s terms, you will find out the answer, “it takes hard work, it takes capital, and finally, it takes perseverance”. By the time we got to our final conclusion, it takes more than 100 years of perseverance and hundreds of thousands of dollars invested for a business to become successful.

The article is called “How to Blame Recuva for Being an Android App” and is about how Recuva can still be counted among the successful startups and how they failed due to lack of perseverance instead they were focusing more on the vision and product rather than just fixing the things that needed fixing instead they built a business around it rather than developing the product.

Recuva are a good example of what startups are really about. Not only did they come up with new product idea but they also built up a business around it. In fact, when discussing the company they are the reason why they built a new website called the Recuva Finance Blog. What caught our attention with that site is the fact that Recuva’s finance team went to Japan to meet their Chinese partner.


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