This week is National Computer Anxiety Month. With it comes the usual “blame the recession” chorus that always sounds so apt when the economy is in a deep funk. But where the hell did we go wrong? The thing is, it is almost impossible to truly blame anything or anyone for any issue that a person faces due to the technology that surrounds them. So what’s the key to saving yourself and your business? Fixing the problems with your technology.

Yes, that is a key to the Internet of Things (IoT) that is becoming more and more popular in every facet of our existence. But this problem of technology affecting us is a great deal worse than simply changing the wireless device. For example, an Iphone 4, while a relatively good phone, can be a distraction or distraction can be caused by our poor understanding and implementation of technology.

The best way to fix a problem is by first thinking about how it can be fix. For example, if you are worried about being able to download an update, what if you could just use the internet? By allowing us to use the internet and then having an “offline” mode of operation, the computer, just like a phone, is now less of a thing.

You might be familiar with it, if you have ever used a mobile device such as a smartphone. This might be a Google, an iCloud, or a service like Google Maps. But it won’t be a smartphone.The phone that you use each day should be of the utmost good and perfect quality. You will have better options if you use a computer/device to manage your information/files on.

When discussing the digital world, so many people have complained that our devices should be a little bit smarter and the internet should not be so frustrating so that we can do as much computing as we want. No, our device do NOT have to be smarter, just more functional. We just have to ask how we can fix the problems you have, with technology. The solution is very simple to use and a great way to ensure that technology is not the issue.


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