As anyone can tell you, everyone has their own opinion on how good software can be. So it’s a little weird when I tell a group of friends that there are 12 Reasons Software Creator Is the End of the World as We Know It. This book is my attempt to capture as much of that enthusiasm as possible.

I am not talking about this book as an educational tool, I mean its written for the general public so I wanted to get the information out there. We all know that software is a huge part of a business — but to the general public its a little scary to realize that there are still good things that have happened. It’s a long time since our society has a better understanding of software.

I also wanted that to be a way to have a little fun and maybe help the people, who still aren’t convinced that software can help them, to be a little more comfortable with the idea. I tried to stay as honest as I could without going the “I have no idea what that means so I’m just going to say it” route.

I feel like a lot of my readers are a bit hesitant to read another blog on my blog. And maybe thats because I never really get what my “why” is. I really hope that this blog helps people understand what is happening in the world. I also hope that it helps people realize that no matter what happens we have the ability to make a positive impact.


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