This Software Development Kit or SMSSC is what we call the “core of your product. If you have ever written an app before, this is the software you will need to create your next masterpiece. In this package, you get 12 programming-related projects and you can choose from 5 to 15 programming environments, 5 to 10 coding languages, and 5 to 10 frameworks to customize your build. …

This package includes the SMSSC as well as the development environment and a set of tools, such as source code editor, build tools that build apps from the ground up, and the tools for quality assurance and regression testing…. Blog: Why You Should Never Give Up Your Dream. Old blog: We give you a vision of what your dream is. When you give up your dream, it becomes meaningless since you cannot pursue anything that is not your dream.

This article shows how the world of social media is changing faster than the speed of light and how, to survive in a world of constant innovation, you need to be a real expert on the new things in the market…. New blog: The 10 steps to getting your brand on the internet with a new strategy to drive your online visibility….

What is SMSSC? We break the news that the SMSSC is not just a single package but actually a collection of many tools to help you achieve a world standing on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and even on Google. We’re not just talking about a marketing channel here. We’re going to build your digital presence with you. The SMSSC gives you all of these tools and you can use it or not depending on your goals…


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