With the demand for software engineering interns everywhere and with employers desperate for the best of the best, it’s no surprise that many startups are looking for the best of these interns. Not only will these startups be getting their new staff early access to the latest and greatest technologies, they’ll also get a leg up in the job market. However, for those looking to be competitive when it comes to work and salary, there are twelve incredible internships and startups right here to help you.

Many entrepreneurs and software engineers dream of joining them at the top of the food chain, but that certainly won’t happen unless they are extremely lucky. Some will be awarded with lucrative contracts by corporations, such as Microsoft. However, for those looking for a more challenging career path, there are 12 great ways to land in this esteemed company. Check out our top 12, which will help you land a position as an engineer at a leading software company at just 22.

With your skills and knowledge, youll soon be in great demand by big companies like Netflix, and more smaller companies too. Not only is this because of your passion for coding and software engineering, but youll be provided with a solid salary and benefits package to make it worth your while. For instance, youll be able to secure a great starting salary or higher, in fact, you can actually secure a salary starting at $60K, just with some basic experience under your belts.

One of the best benefits with a Software Engineering Internship is that it gives you the opportunity to work on cutting-edge products and the ability to work closely with developers. These are some of the biggest software development firms in the country. While there may not be an easy path to get into them, you will be a company’s first choice for the most important position to be found anywhere these days -an engineer- for every position. At companies like Google, Facebook, and Uber.


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