12 Focus School Software Stories Worth Reading Right Now From the very moment your child reaches his or her first birthday, the focus of your child’s learning stays the same. That first semester of school will be the hardest part. Your child’s attention span will get to a whole new level.

Our 12 Focus School Stories are all the highlights for the upcoming school year. The story-telling aspect of focusing schools has always intrigued me, since we all have a passion for education and want more for our kids.

The most important element in the first year is that parents are the ones who make a commitment and a real commitment, and that’s only by keeping their promises. The second year is when your child starts to realize that some promises are more difficult than others. The third year offers the opportunity to truly start thinking about what your child will accomplish. For those kids who have more discipline, focus, and dedication, there might be much more success in the fifth year.


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