If you own a G-203 Prodigy or G-343 Prodigy, than you know the software we all use to keep on top of our gaming. Unfortunately, there is a ton of software that is designed for the older gamers and not the young ones. Our kids simply don’t have the energy or time to go through the full suite of software updates.

The Logitech G203 Prodigy Software Suite is easy to use, easy to learn, and easy to maintain. With our new upgrade, the software has a new look, features, and a new interface. Check it out, the G203 can be a one machine or you can switch your console over to a G-3 and use one of your consoles old software.

As a parent, I hear the horror stories about not being able to run my own personal online casino. I know, it makes me think about my own family, but I believe that we do need to do what we can to give our children a better future. The best thing I have found for my children is to use their time in school to create a business they can work from anywhere and not just sit at home staring at a computer.

When our kids were younger I would always talk to them about business from their perspective. Their business is something that they love from the outside and the software is something they love in their house as a toy.


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