Habits are what your mind does automatically. I’m sure you have a habit that needs to be broken so that you can just go with a habit of your own. But it’s up to you to figure out why you’re doing it. One of the things that you may know for a fact is that you’re addicted to songs on your Iphone. They just keep on playing in your head and making you want more.

What people don’t realize is that the songs that you like really are a habit. And what they don’t realize is that when you go through the steps in my book you can kick your worst Iphone habit and you won’t just have to go through the whole thing. A very simple way to kick your Iphone habit without spending time on a detox.

In my book I provide a simple, all encompassing, step by step process that works with your life so you can make your Iphone habit a habit. I also put the steps in easy to read, simple to follow video format so you can just watch what is going on on screen and implement your steps right now. The best thing youll get out of this book is how to kick your Iphone bad habits right now.

In a quick and easy to follow format, I put the whole process together in 1 video for a quick, easy and easy to follow process. Ive taken the hard work out of the detox process by putting it all in this video format so you could kick your Iphone habit any time you are ready.

How you can kick your Iphone Bad Habits now, Ive included a step by step, very fast, very easy video for instant gratification. Be ready and willing to see what is going to happen next..

“Habits” are our inner compass points to help us navigate our lives. It keeps us on course when life gets turbulent. Once a habit becomes established then we are able to go from point A to Point B. Habits and goals are a lot like a GPS. If you go to sleep at night because youre tired and you don’t want it to happen to you then there are times that you really should be willing to let go and go with it.

The last thing you really need is a habit that keeps bugging you day in and day out. Our goal is to break through the ‘habit loops’ on IPhone and not just get the habit fixed but also develop the habit. To do that, I have included a step by step, very fast, very easy video that takes you through the whole process from the start of the habit until you can move forward on your own.


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