This was my first career search. My previous career experiences, the company I had previously been with, and the other tasks I hadn’t completed before this search. I didn’t have enough money for a full-time interview and I wasn’t sure how to proceed. I decided to take the chance on an interview with a Resume Expert.

My experience went about as well as I had hoped. The manager I was scheduled to meet with was a great guy. We actually had a great connection for the interview. After, he told me how he managed my experience by reviewing it all, comparing it, and determining how it was best suited to me in my career.

This is an excellent career advice, and one that I wasnt sure I needed. Its a simple tip for aspiring software developers to use in the future to make it a more efficient path towards a job. What you should do: Go to the website(and the company address) you wish to apply for and check that the position theres an application in place. Write down what I need to know. Theres usually many more details than are included in an application.

I am thankful that I am not so sure that a lot of what I read in the career section of my resume would have helped the company to locate me and ultimately hire me. However, I am sure that these tips would have helped me discover myself. The company needs smart, capable people — the type that are able to deal with the type of work that will be required of them in the near future.


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