There is an Apple employee at the office who is a genius; he’s brilliant, yet he’s clueless.

If you go outside and ask him to check an apple for viruses, no matter what his response would be, it would be “why are you asking me on this internet? I don’t see you on the internet.” Check out 11 incredible facts about Apple malware: 1.1. There’s no way to prevent malware updates via Apple software updates.

Apple does not check for updates for malware. If you are using the Mac OS X desktop, you will have the possibility of being attacked by malware, but not in your iPhone if you are using an iPad. If you are using the Mac OS X desktop, you should never use a MacBook Air on any device. The Mac OS X is pretty safe.

Why some people do not understand Apple computers! Apple has released a major update into its OS X! This app is a simple way to scan for threats on your Mac, iPhone or iPad! Simply place the app on your Mac, iPhone or iPad, and it will scan for any threats, and it will show you a list including viruses, Trojan programs, spyware, keylogger and many more!

It is the second time that Apple has made such an update into its OS X.

The apple has a simple method to scan for virus on your Mac, iPhone or iPad you dont have to download malware, all you have to do is to put this app on your device so that apple will scan on your computer and check for malicious software.

A free scan will fix many issues regarding viruses, spyware, keyslogger, spyware, and other threats as well. All you have to do is to simply place this Mac scanner in your device so that apple will scan your computer for these threats, and finally if there is a threat found, it will show you a list of possible fixes to fix the threat. Old blog: Apple’s scanning of computer for viruses can cause severe damage to your device.

We reveal 11 astonishing ways that Apple cant check viruses or find problems.Apple is no more, the company is the victim of a massive security breach. Apple executives are aware that the security of the internet has been broken several times when it comes to vulnerabilities like the one the company created in 2007. They are aware to what extent and how easy it is to be attacked this company has been on alert.


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