As it stands now, the world is a sad place because Kanye West’s music is one of the most hated things to have ever been created in the history of pop culture. To say that this guy has always been a prick would be a serious understatement. But this guy is on to something, although for different reasons. On his birthday, he tweeted a video message to his fans where he said, ‘I made the music we all want to hear. Now, let’s do it.

You might be surprised, I found one thing in this video that was truly shocking, because he actually took into account himself and his own emotions in saying that he made the “Music We All Want To Hear”. It is really strange that we get so many negative reactions and reactions even without actual sound to back it up. I guess Kanye is saying “My music has become this, the sound that we hear as being ‘normal’, ‘normal” but it ain’t.

One of the greatest things you can do, and not very often, is to acknowledge that your own internal voices speak in your mind when certain actions or thoughts have triggered you to feel anger about something that happened in the past. For instance, in the case of anger that caused you to turn angry at a current situation, when you acknowledge that you are angry with yourself at the time, it can be much easier to take a step back from those feelings and put them in perspective.

I’m just an internet junkie Old blog: A quick little update and I’m just a normal internet junkie who loves to try new things. New blog: As an online musician, I make music for free! Old blog: This is actually my first and last “blog” so I’d like to thank all the people who made the time to read it so that I could share! Hope to see everyone again in the near future.

The good things in life are few and far between So far, The Good Things Were Just For Now. Just when you get the chance, you’re told to live your life “out loud” because the world has a bad habit of making you talk at your own risk. While you are still in the safety of your own mind, the world can make you seem foolish or dumb.


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