From the The world’s wealthiest businessman has been tweeting about an app that might hold the key to making an entire generation of genetically modified crops. His latest tweet was a message to his 8,000 followers on Twitter reading “The time for innovation was when we were all young. Now, we can do it all.

One man has made headlines after revealing he wanted to use cloning as a way to generate clones to replace endangered species in the gene pool. The man was speaking to Wired magazine describing his method of creating genetically modified (GM) crops through cloning technology that he developed. The method involves using a plant called ‘paten’ on the same type of genetic material that will be cloned. Unlike the traditional method, he uses only the genetic material from one of the crops being modified.

When you hear someone saying “I do not wish to make you feel bad” you take it as a compliment. That said, you have to do everything you can to not make others feel bad, even when it’s the correct thing to do. For instance, try to refrain from calling people “stupid” or telling them to shut up. You also need to think before you speak.

There are few places that are more off-putting to an opinionated individual than in a conversation involving food. Many people get offended when you start giving them information about processed foods. If anything, it shows that you can disagree without offending people. Even so, you might find your opinion not entirely to the point. New post: How to be a better person.

A lot of the people I know (or at least know of) don’t like confrontation. It’s not a good look for any of them. It may even be considered a bad sign by their supervisors. I get it.


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