Oculus Software has added 11 more reasons to the most popular reason people still buy Oculus gear. 1. No need to go to a physical store for a game update. 2. No need to spend time updating games. Just download updates from your games store and it will be updated quickly. 3. No more need to download updates for all their Steam games. Just search in the store for “Steam Games” and it will be there in moments. 4.

4 Games That Just Can’t Stay on Steam Because You Need to Use Your Old PC Again. 1. Need to reinstall Windows after a new update to Windows 10. 2. Need to reinstall Windows so you can play on an older computer with outdated hardware again. 3. Want Windows 10 to be able to run games developed for Windows 7, only run games developed for Windows 7, or want to run an emulator? 4.


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