We all try to get information all the time so let’s take a couple of minutes to look back in the funny books of 11 Bizarre Proclaim. They were actually a line of software called “Quirk Proclaim” which were actually created by a man called Michael Quirk, who wanted to sell his programming skills to the public. He called these programs weird to sell, but in hindsight that means they were actually quite interesting.

Since every day is a celebration of life, let’s celebrate the life of Michael Quirk by sharing this knowledge as a part of our 11 bizarre proclaim series. 11 Bizarre Proclaim – 11 Bizarre Proclaim Software Facts.

If you already have a computer on your desk, or if you have a computer at work, you are probably in the perfect position to find out more about this strange and crazy collection of software programs and how they can be used to your benefit and make your life easier. To find out more about Michael Quirk, read his autobiography, and click on the “11 bizarre proclaim – 11 Bizarre Proclaim Software Facts” banner to view the full article.


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