The University of Utah’s Information Technology Services department is offering an internship position to a full time student who would be interested in learning about the computer-aided solution used in real time to find water sources in the event of a disaster. This can either be in the form of a remote operation, or using the internet. This internship will last 24 hours, however the student will have the opportunity to learn the solution and design a new application using the technology.

What is it really like to work at a University? The computer, the internet, the people, it’s like you’ve just been born into this world. It is, as always, incredible! The University of Utah can offer you the opportunity to learn new skills and grow through the process.

It takes an army of people to be a real university — but no, this is no ordinary army: this is a team of computer experts. Computer code written by the students of the University of Utah can be found on line for $8 a pop. Its like buying a computer for Christmas — in a perfect world.

The University of Utah is the ideal job for someone who wants to learn how to solve problems. It is an industry that uses computers to solve problems and also to train people in other branches of the service industry. Its easy to learn, It is a fun environment that has never disappointed its students, It offers a full range of courses from basic computer classes to the most advanced computer science courses. And then there are all those people.

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