Just because this type of software is being utilized doesn’t make it less damaging. Not surprisingly, it’s not uncommon for BSB software to be abused, with people and organizations being hurt or even killed at their home. In fact, according to a list published by the Association of Software Builders, there have been at least seven reported cases of people killed by faulty BSB software during the past few years (PDF).

Here, we will provide 10 signs your relationship with Berkeley Software is toxic.

Here are 10 signs your relationship with Berkeley Software is toxic. You are being affected by the company that you worked for for years, but you have never wanted a new employer. In the past, you have always had a job at Berkeley Software, and you know it’s your responsibility to stay on top of what’s going on. This type of responsibility is a little unusual for many developers, and maybe they weren’t expecting it.

It is good for some companies, but not for all of them. For instance, a good example of this is Microsoft which has to make it known to its employees that they are not being paid well. The company’s CEO has to also put in extra effort to address this issue since all of its employees know this. It is a sign of an unhealthy relationship. Some of these issues we see as a problem can be repaired in due time.

At the end of our new BSB Blog series (below to start), we will highlight six real-life examples of abusive behavior during a software development process. All of these cases involve incidents that we witness. As we continue to build and maintain the software that we built, the behavior of those involved will inevitably show up. It will also cause us to re-evaluate who we are as human beings.


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