I remember when I was growing up in a small town of 6,000 people and I could never fall in love with anyone from the first day I walked into school. When I decided to become a genealogy researcher, I discovered that a) when it came to our own family history, I was way behind the curve and b) the genealogy software I downloaded was way overpriced.

With your genealogy software now at your disposal, you can now see all of your ancestors through the lens of who they were when you lived with them. This information becomes more informative as you begin to get closer to them. Old blog: What? Just look at me – I’ve got those same feelings. And so do you, but can we talk about it. Because you’ve been hurt so much and you want to take care of it and move on.

In the early 2000s, having a little bit of a family history helped me immensely. It helped me understand the events that changed our lives. It meant that I could trace my great great uncles the way my grandmothers, my great aunts, and my uncles and even my grandparents did. In this age of computers I can also look at my family’s genealogy. I never could have found out what I know without it.

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We live in an interesting era where the idea of a “successful” marriage is a little more of a buzzword than before. Not only does the success depend entirely on our level of commitment, it also depends upon the quality and depth of our marriage. But if you start with all of these things first you will find success at all levels of the relationship.

In this article we will give a general review of the importance of a relationship, the qualities of a marriage, and the things we must work on as couples to get married. Because a successful marriage may vary from person to person, please contact your local Family Relationships Counselor for a free consultation. Old blog: To help you with the love/money conundrum, let’s discuss the money we are paying in today’s economy.

Marriage in the new economy! Old blog: With our new job and economy, a lot of times we buy things to keep us fed or stay in our home.


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